• Casey Dunn

Is the RODECaster Pro Worth Your Investment

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

The incredibly cool, potentially unnecessary RODECaster Pro. Revolutionizing the industry... but is it?

This review of the RODECaster Pro is full of opinions. So be warned.

The RODECaster Pro is full of badass features like automatic level setting, telephone hosting, and APHEX that make it a piece of equipment that really stands out. Also, it's just plain cool to see podcasting getting some love from one of the most powerful audio companies in the world. With that being said, does the RODECaster warrant the price (~$600)? Well, actually, yeah, if you're really going to make the most of its features. Unfortunately, that's probably not you (At least, not yet).

Let's look at the RODECaster Pro from two different vantages: Who it's for and who it's not for.

Who it's not for: On RODE's website they claim that the RODECaster Pro is for both new and experienced podcasters. But that's not really true. For newbies, before dropping coin on a production studio, you may want to pick up a mic or two. After that, you should optimize your studio for the best sound possible. At that point you should probably invest in an audio editing software like Audition, Protools, exc... Maybe after that, if your podcast is bringing in enough revenue, you can start to consider the RODECaster Pro. So, for new podcasters, not really.

And how about for experienced professionals? Most already have a production studio they've been using for years or rent out a studio (probably somewhere in LA or NY where there is very limited parking). So the RODECaster just isn't a viable or necessary investment. So who's it for then?

Who it's for: Here's my best guess. I think there's a very specific group of podcasters that this gear should be aimed at. And that's the next phase of successful, home grown podcasters that are coming up now. The power of the RODECaster Pro comes in how simple and compact the system is. Everything the RODECaster provides can be attained through other, less expensive means, but there's currently nothing that is so dang simple. And that's a powerful thing when you aren't Crooked Media or The Ringer Podcast Network or the whisper talkers of NPR. Time is one of a podcasters most important currencies and at some point simplicity is worth the financial investment. And that probably occurs at the point when independent podcasters have the revenue to start expanding their personal brands.

So, if you're at the point in your podcasting career where the simplicity is worth the investment then the RODECaster is worth that investment. But currently, RODE isn't marketing itself towards the right audience. That doesn't mean that the product is a bust, it just means that RODE needs to put a little more work into its market research. Which is always the struggle, in any industry.

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