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What to Expect When You Read What I Write

Most things I write are what I call structured freeform. A sandbox with 15 foot walls. There's certainly limitless imagination, but there's contained space. A point to which I'm bringing the piece if it's successful. So here's the essentials of what to expect when reading what I write on this website.

Type of Content:

Horror | Podcasting | Marketing | Feelings

I'm not what you would call particularly narrow minded. As such, the only way I get any writing done is by jumping from subject to subject - sometimes at breakneck pace. But, for the brand(!), I've decided to dwindle down the available subjects for this website to these four main categories. Yes, four is still an absurdly wide range, but I think there's some correlation between these four subjects that will help keep things toight (I promise to only use toight five times on this blog... three more times to go!). What exactly that correlation is, that's the subject of the next few hundred articles (lol).

Reason for Writing:

Writing has never been my primary mode of expressing myself. Though, to be fair, expressing myself wasn't really a primary mode until a year and a half ago. I'm an emotionally distant person by nature. I grew up with all the same messaging everyone else did and the key takeaways on my end were: keep quiet, self sacrifice, things will work out. Problem is, those attributes don't really add up to an enjoyable or (at all) healthy life.

The other day I came across a passage in an obituary the late Elizabeth Wurtzel wrote about David Foster Wallace. In it, she stated about life,

"It didn't and doesn't turn out well. There is no happy

ending to the story of sorrow if you are born with a

predilection for despair. The world is, after all, a coarse

and brutal and cruel place. It's only a matter of how long

you can live with it."

Reading this, I was reminded of Beric Dondarrion's speech to John Snow in the seventh season of GoT (Say what you will about the seventh season, this moment in it is great),

"Death is the enemy. The first enemy and the last.

The enemy always wins AND we still need

to fight him."

As someone with all the same mental health problems that seem to plague everyone else in our generation I think Wurtzel is absolutely right. And I think Beric is right. The little victories in life are the reasons to keep living: Love, connection, art, wonder, exploration. Everything that can be degraded or uprooted when all we have is the oppressive nature of life.

So why write? To keep myself alive. To think about the things that make me excited every morning: the nervous laughter after the sting of a jumpscare; the jubilation when a clients marketing campaign opens their brand to new audiences; the sharing of ideas and information and laughs in the deeply intimate way of podcasting. I write so that I can grow in the face of life. Not because it's easy, but because it's necessary.

Release Schedule:

There is no release schedule for my articles. Maybe there will be at some point, but not right now. I've tried with previous blogs to give myself deadlines and it has consistently failed. So I'm trying something different. Allowing inspiration to guide rather than obligation. As this is a place for me to grow and explore ideas I'm thinking of in my day to day life, I think articles will pop up fairly frequently, but who knows, I'm not guaranteeing anything.

This article is, itself, a work in progress. I'm sure I'll make adjustments, tweak things here and there, add and subtract. This is the beginning of a blog. A launching pad. From here, definition will follow.

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